Madrid corridor

Day 1 | Arrive in Madrid

Guests are met at Madrid International Airport by their Region Guide and transported to arranged accommodations for check in. After checking bags, guests are taken on a walking tour of the local area, to include traditional Spanish food & wine samples. Rest and relax before an intimate evening of dining. Welcome to Madrid Spain.  

Day 2 | Tour Madrid

Following a traditional Spanish breakfast, guests depart host property on a guided overview tour of Madrid with private transportation. The excursion features city highlights, neighborhoods, architecture, food & wine. Once acquainted with Spain's Capital, guest partake in evening dining like astute locals.   

Day 3 | U.S. Origins & Sevilla

Depart Madrid for morning exploration of Madrigal de Las Altas Torres, the village of Spanish Queen Isabella, who funded the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Continuing to Sevilla, guests experience the wide reach of the Roman Empire's aqueducts. Midday dining is arranged and enjoyed in Sevilla before completing the journey to Valladolid in the heart of Ribera del Duero DOSpain's red wine capital specializing in Tempranillo. Once settled, guests will enjoy the first of many outstanding meals in the region and prepare for the coming days of wine exploration. 

Day 4 | Ribera del Duero DO

Beginning in The Heart of Spanish Wine Country, guests partake in a day of touring and dining in the country side riddled with castles and sweeping vineyards. Taking in the country side and the wines produced their, guests quickly understand the nature of the rich Spanish wines. Midday and evening dining in the region sustain and inspire stories deep exploration the wine capital of Ribera del Duero. 

Day 5 | Ribera del duero do II

Now equipped with a complete understanding of the the regions terroir, guests will transfer the countryside once again with their guide, exploring caves, cellars and grand visitas. This day day is meant to create lifelong associations with Ribero del Duero DO, locked into the wine and food offered by the region. Farewell dinner for guests is comprised of old vintage tastings demonstrating the longevity of Spain's Tempranillo wines.

Day 6 | Madrid & Beyond

Now acquainted with the cities and wine regions of the Madrid Corridor, guest return to Madrid for independent exploration of the city, rest and relaxation.

Day 7 | Live like locals

Following nearly a week of guided travel, guests have the opportunity to continue self guided exploration of the city, schedule spa appointments or simply eat and shop

Madrid corridor


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