Day 1 | Arrive in Paris

Welcome to Paris. Guests are met at Charles de Gaulle International Airport and immediately taken to arranged accommodations for check in. Hit the ground running with an afternoon of activities that include a walking tour of the immediate area, to include food & wine samples from the Parisian culture. Rest and relax before an intimate evening of dining

Day 2 | Tour Paris

After a traditional French breakfast, guests are taken on a guided overview tour of Paris with private transportation, to include major city highlights, neighborhoods and architecture by France's most famous architect. Now acquainted with the capital city of France, guests will dine like discerning locals with an unforgettable dining experience.   

Day 3 | Chalk Caves

Depart Paris by train with Vin Ambassador guidestaff, destination Épernay: the center of Champagne. Explore the subterranean caves throughout the region and become familiar with the world's most renowned Champagne. In the late afternoon, continue to the host chateau for a local dinner before welcomed respite.      

Day 4 | Blessed Land

Wake up in one of the world's most celebrated wine region and toast to the new day. Champagne features mellow slopes of clay and limestone. Tour the villages and cellars of the region and be immersed in the tradition of the vignerons, French for winegrower. Midday and evening dining in the region is designed to sustain and inspire travel stories in this great wine capital.

Day 5 | Fly

Lift off at daybreak to survey the breath of the region. This final day of exploration includes Reims Cathedral, where many Kings received their crown. The final dinner in Champagne features old vintages and hospitality that will forever transforming the labels into meaningful destinations. 

Day 6 | Return to Paris

Now acquainted with the capital city and wine region of France, guests return to Paris for independent exploration of the city, rest and relaxation.

Day 7 | Live Like Locals

Following nearly a week of guided travel, guests have the opportunity to continue self guided exploration of the city, schedule spa appointments or simply eat and shop


Inclusions: (7) nights accommodations, (5) days guided travel, (5) days of meals, entry to all wineries and features destinations and transportation to and from Charles de gaulle International Airport.