Basque Country

Day 1 | Arrive in Basque Country

The journey begins at Bilbao Airport, where guests are met by their Regional Guide, departing for the impeccable Basque city of San Sebastían. Luggage is checked into local accommodations, allowing guests to "check out" on the beach to enjoy wine, light regional fair and sun. Rest, relax and refresh before departing for the evening on a Pintxos (Basque Tapas) Tour in the Historic District. Walk, eat, drink, repeat. This is how you dine in San Sebastían. Welcome to Basque Country.



Day 2 | Tour San Sebastían

With the beach beckoning, guests are taken on a brief tour of the city famous for fine dining. Returning in the early afternoon, guests are welcomed back to the blue waters of Spain's Northern Coast, the Bay of Biscay. Soak in the dramatic Wind Comb sculptures and vibrant culture by walking the beach from end-to-end, working up an appetite for a proper late evening Basque meal.



Day 3 | Bask & Bilbao

Taking the morning to log a few more hours of beach time, guests depart for Spain's more recognizable wine region, La Rioja, by way of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Witness large scale modern art with definitive Spanish flare inside and outside of the museum. Partake in well appointed midday dining in the city of Bilbao, yet another culinary capitol of Spain. La Rioja, quite possibly the most recognizable Spanish wine region, awaits just a short jaunt from the museum. Arriving guests are welcomed with an evening tour and dinner at a winery, remarkably designed. 

Day 4 | Rioja DO

Immediately understand the allure of the Rioja DO: producer of animalistic and earthy blended reds and bright feminine whites, ornamented with world famous architecture and stone villages. The region offers a combination of deep history and modernism in the wine, as well as the structures producing it. Midday and evening dining are set in separate villages, offering guests greater exposure to the expansive Spanish countryside. 

Day 5 | Rioja DO II

Journey out, once again, to explore the dark cellars filled with bottles covered with dust organic matter. These ancient looking bottles are aging in this extreme condition, not found in the new world, before they are polished, labeled and distributed around the world. Frank Gehry's creativity has touched the countryside of Rioja as well, this time in the form of an outstanding hotel, spa and Michelin Star restaurant, all contained at the site of Marques de Riscal. Marqués de Riscal Restaurant is the unforgettable site of the last dinner in the region. 

Day 6 | Roam the Country

Now acquainted with the cities and wine regions of Basque Country, guests return to San Sebastían for independent exploration of the city, rest and relaxation.

Day 7 | Live Like Locals

Following nearly a week of guided travel, guests have the opportunity to continue self guided exploration of the city, schedule spa appointments or simply eat and shop

Basque Country